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 Liv Adams  Visual Designer 

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I am a Digital Designer at heart with a love for simplicity in form and function. My designs tend to include a touch of bold colour for added visual interest.


As a Visual Effects Artist, turned UI/UX Designer I have a strong creative, organizational and technical background.


My thirst for knowledge and need to understand how things work mean I am happiest when science, engineering and education intersect with Art & Design.


Having worked both in the Information Technology and Visual Effects industry collectively for 10+ years, I have developed a strong eye for detail paired with excellent creative problem solving techniques and have acquired fantastic communication and organizational skills along the way.


All of these experiences and challenges have ensured I am able to hit the ground running with a can-do attitude, improving and innovating any technical and creative problems as a UI/UX Designer in the creative tech industry.



Multiplatform Design

Adobe CC, Sketch, InVision + Flinto

Design Patterns + Trends

App Ideation + Responsive Design

Visual Communication + Branding

Lean UX + Research

Wireframes + Prototypes

3D, Interactive, Gestures + Sound

User Testing + Feedback Loop


Graphic Design, Illustration + VFX

Layout + Composition

Agile Workflows

Problem Solving Techniques

Organisation + Time Management

Leadership + Management

Effective Teamwork

Written + Verbal Communication

Strong Work Ethic

Workflow Optimisations


Craig Hansen 
Visual Designer

"Talented, curious and super motivated is how I would classify Liv.

I had the pleasure of working as her Mentor while she studied UI Design with Career Foundry.


Her past experience in Graphic Design and Visual FX elevated her work in this new endeavour with UI Design from day one.


She always brought her A game and was pleasant and open to criticism/suggestions.


I will miss our video calls, but look forward to seeing where she goes from here. Liv will be a valuable asset to any team."

Joseph Dimaculangan
UI & UX Consultant/Tutor at CareerFoundry

"I was Liv's tutor for CareerFoundry's UI Design Course.


She was by far not only one of my best students, but also highly enthusiastic about learning - this is a desirable skill that would be indispensable on any design team.


Her work was always on-point. I barely asked her to make any big revisions to her design work - she executed the tasks beautifully, professionally, and submitted work on time.


I highly recommend Liv as a UI Design professional. She has the design skills to go with a personable and engaging personality."

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